Källan Hotel is situated in the small village of Åmliden, north of Norjsö, between the coast and the mountainous wilderness of Västerbotten, Lappland. Källan is located on the summit of a mountain with a panoramic view of local lakes and forests. The name, Källan, is from the clean, clear waterpond in the forest nearby. Källan Hotel is the perfect place for conferences. Källan Spa is a pleasant wellness center which offers several facilities for recreation and relaxation.  Warm pool, sauna, gym. You can book a wonderful spatreatment.
Our cuisine provide healthy, homemade gourmet meals with mainly locally produced ingridients. We have excellent tap water but the restaurant is also fully licenced.
Outdoor activivities all seasons such as snowmobile tours, cross country skiing, hiking in the wilderness
Källan Hotel is an excellent platform when you visit different sites during the summer season in the Gold of Lapland area