As a guest at Källan Hotel, both private and in business, it is a nice place to take the time and relax, enjoy our wellness center with warm pool, gym, spatreatments, sleep and eat well. Enjoy the endless view over the wild landscape which gives you a soothing calm within yourself.
It is uplifting to go outside and hike in the majestic forrest just around the corner. In the wintertime you can go cross country skiing. For more exhilirating activities you can book a day for a snowmobile tour with guide. We can also provide contact for dog sledge trips and horsebackriding.
During the summer season Källan is the perfect platform when you visit different sites in the Gold of Lapland area such as: the Underground church, the longest ropeway in the world, the Wilderness museum, the birth place of the author Torgny Lindgren, the wild Vindelriver, the picturesque villages of Norjsö and Malå